You'd like to schedule some on-site training?
Fantastic! I look forward to talking to you about working together.
But first, I need to ask you a handful of questions in order to see how our schedules fit and to be able to answer (probably) the most urgent question you have: how much will it cost me?

Let's go!
First, I need to know a little about you...

What's your name? *

Where in the world would the training take place? *

Please provide a full postal address. Without this information, I can't explore travel options, which I need to do in order to quote you a price.
When would you like to schedule this course? *

This information also helps me quote you an accurate price, but don't worry: you don't have to choose a specific date. You could say something like "2Q2015" or "June-August" or "anytime in 2015-2016 except the following weeks...". You could even say "As soon as you can possibly get here!!"
Next, a little about what you need...

What goals do you have for this course? *

What one thing you do most want to achieve with this training? or What one change are you hoping to create by undergoing this training?
Who would attend this course? *

Approximately how many people do you expect to participate? *

Sometimes you're not sure yet, because you're going to advertise the course within the company, then see how many people sign up. In this case, choose whatever you expect the maximum number to be.

Which of these models do you think will fit your group? *

Which course are you looking for? *

Don't worry: even if you choose a "standard course", we will customise it as much or as little as you'd like.

Are you open to follow-up coaching after your training has completed?

Most people undergoing training need some time to try to apply what they've learned, and then have questions, but find it hard to find trustworthy answers. I can be there for them.
How would you like to customise your course?

You might not know yet, in which case we'll discuss that later; but if you have a few ideas, I'd love to hear them!
Almost done! Just one more important question...

What, if anything, would you like tell me that I haven't asked you about?

Thank you for answering these questions for me.
I'll need time to gather some information and check my schedule.
It might take a few days for me to respond, but I will!
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