You'd like me to invite me to your event?
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I need to know a few things about you and your event, so that I can figure out whether I can take part.
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Where is it? *

If you already know exactly where, then please either enter the address or provide a link to its location on a map. I need this information to figure out travel costs, so please provide as much detail on this as you can.
What would you like me to do? *

Select as many as you like, although I can't guarantee that I can do everything you ask.

What financial terms do you have in mind for this event? *

Would you prefer a fixed fee or revenue sharing? Do you have a standard compensation policy, such as many conferences offer? Do you already have a budget in mind? Do you plan to help me find some paid work to go along with your event?
What haven't I asked you that I should have?

If you were me, what would you want to know?
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